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“I've been using the 10 MG CBD gummies over the holiday season for general anxiety as well as pain management. They have been a life saver! Holistic Hemp Healing is also a company that is very open to feedback which is refreshing. I can't wait to try more products.”



 “Great products, when many other companies came out with sub par products Holistic Hemp made sure customers were happy with the product first! They didn’t need to sell me, as soon as I tried their cream on my aching joints and the gummies for stress relief I was a fan !!!”



“Holistic Hemp CBD products have helped me recover from training and it’s helped improve my sleep tremendously. As an athlete and student, good quality sleep is a necessity to living a healthy, happy life. I’ve tried their wellness elixir 500mg and the water soluble CBD elixir and they’ve both worked really well for me. I also recently purchased their CBD gummies which are a fun way to share CBD with others so they can try it for themselves and see that it really works! I’d recommend their products to anyone looking for a natural alternative to anxiety/stress relief, better performance recovery/reducing inflammation, as well as anyone just looking to have a better night’s sleep!”



“Holistic Hemp Healing has been a life saver and with having a variety of products to help fit your needs, there is literally something for everyone! In the beginning I was very skeptical about taking anything with CBD especially having a newborn and still breastfeeding I want to make sure it’s completely safe for my baby and myself. Having said so the stresses of life adjustment can weigh heavy and with Corey and Denika educating me I finally tried the gummies and the 250 MG oil and let me tell you it has been a life changer. Thank You guys for putting such great care into the products you put out, it’s been a great help! I will forever be grateful! 🌱”


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“Several members of my family have used Holistic Hemp products with excellent results. A fine reputable company with very high standards.”



“I have tried several cbd companies and holistic hemp healing is the first one I felt made a difference for me! I use the 500mg oil before bed and the water soluble during the day for anxiety. I have to be careful with the gummies they taste so good I will eat the whole bag 😋 If anyone has any question please reach out to these guys Corey and Denika have taken the time to help and educate me to find the right fit of products for me.”



“Amazing product my eplipsey has ruined my life since 5th grade I finally feel like I have control over my life again, and I feel like I’m living the life I was meant to live.
If you deal with anxiety or sleepless please please try this product if you haven’t best CBD I have ever had hands down thank you to HHH for allowing me to live again!”


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“I dislocated my knee 3 months ago and through physical therapy the pain has lessened but I still had joint pain. I put the recovery cream on my knee one night and woke up pain free! I kept bending my knee not believing it at first! I now take the 1000'ml elixir and recovery cream twice a day and have started riding my bike over 10 miles still amazed that my knee is suddenly better thank you for making a quality product. I have tried other CBD oils with little improvement.”


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“The Recovery Cream is amazing! I’m 53 years old with chronic knee pain. I’ve undergone multiple surgeries and have felt 85% 90% improvement since using this product.”


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“My dog had a Torn ACL that never healed to 100% I didn’t want my dog to need harsh pain meds for the foreseeable future, but definitely didn’t want her to be in pain if she was too active. I tried giving her the Holistic Hemp Healing High Strength Pet Elixir and was amazed that her limp went away within an hour! She LOVES the dog treats too! I give her a treat or a dosage of the oil anytime I notice she’s limping and she’s back to her playful self!”


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“I tried the HHH Recovery Cream first, as it was recommended by my Chiropractor. I felt relief from the pain in my lower back and neck within 15 minutes! I couldn’t believe it! I now use the Recovery Cream and the Wellness Elixir 500 every single night and I believe I am much happier and healthier because of it!”



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“I’ve been using the Recovery Cream 2-3 times a day on my bulging disk/sciatic pain. I’m OFF all meds and lidocaine creams now. Thank you for sharing with me, it’s changed my life!”



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“I found that the 1,000 mg sublingual oil makes me feel more calm. It doesn’t completely take away my anxiety, but it for sure helps. I recommend this potency for individuals with mild anxiety”



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“The first night I used your Recovery Cream was life changing! I hadn’t slept through the night since 2016 when I was diagnosed with Undetermined Inflammatory Arthritis. I love not taking the prescribed Ibuprofen. I rubbed a minuscule amount of the cream and the pain disappeared faster than if I’d taken Ibuprofen! I’m thrilled with this product!”



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