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meet Corey & Denika

Founders of Holistic Hemp Healing

Both Corey and Denika were born and raised in Maine and moved to Texas (DFW) in 2013, one month after getting married, with nothing but the belongings they could fit into their car. The move was an adventure for opportunity, success, an escape from the cold weather, and resulted in the couple starting Holistic Hemp Healing in 2018.

Denika has always enjoyed learning about and using holistic approaches for medicine and beauty. Corey, a certified personal trainer, and nationally qualified Strongman, is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and wellness as a whole. Together, the two became extremely interested in CBD after Corey faced a spinal injury. Being from Maine, a place where cannabidiol rich hemp plants are vast, They both felt that a natural method would be the best way to tackle some of the issues he was experiencing as a result of his injury. They were so pleased with his CBD experience that they wanted to spread the word to others who could benefit from it’s many uses. Their commitment to quality, dedication to educating society, and passion for helping others holistically, is the foundation of Holistic Hemp Healing, and it’s what makes their products among the top in the industry.

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